$1.70 Off 5-Star-Rated Pure
Ground Cinnamon
This award-winning cinnamon has been a staple in kitchens for over 100 years.  Indulge with a dash in your coffee, a sprinkle on your morning toast or a pinch in your apple pie recipe.  It makes everything taste like home.  All natural, non-GMO, and gluten free.   (6 oz/170 g)
Pure Ground Cinnamon
$12.10 each (reg. $13.80)

Save on Organic Grinders
These adjustable grinders are pretty enough to sit tableside and let you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins Organic seasonings with every turn.

#31684 Garlic Salt
$10.00 each (reg. $10.35)
Garlic Peppercorn
$10.00 each (reg. $10.35)

Save on NEW Organic Grilling Seasonings!
The bold flavours of the Northwoods run as deep as the
Great Lakes themselves.  Watkins brings the authentic seasonings of the true north to your kitchen or grill.

#31674 Buttery Herb  $7.50 each (reg. $8.00)
Spiced Maple  $7.50 each (reg. $8.00)

#31672 Chili Lime  $7.70 each (reg. $8.00)

10% Off Organic Gravy Seasoning Mixes
Take the fuss out of homemade gravy with Organic Chicken Gravy, Organic Country Gravy, and Organic Brown Gravy.  These no-measure, single-use pouches make flavourful gravy every time using only the highest quality organic ingredients.  $2.90 each (reg. $3.25 each)
Organic Au Jus Gravy Seasoning Mix
Organic Brown Gravy Seasoning Mix
Organic Country Gravy Seasoning Mix
$4.05 each (regularly $4.50 each)

$1.00 off Organic Garam Masala
Traditionally used in Indian cuisine, this blend layers heat with nutmeg and cinnamon for a robust and balanced flavour.  Perfect for everything from a meat rub to curries.
$9.90 each (reg. $10.90)
Garam Masala

$1.00 Off Organic Extracts
Made using only the finest organic ingredients, Watkins is bringing natural and superior flavour to market with the introduction of these top extract flavours.   (2 fl oz/59 mL) 
#30203 Organic Almond Extract $8.25 each (reg. $9.25)
Organic Gourmet Baking Vanilla $9.35 each (reg. $10.35)
Organic Pure Lemon Extract $9.35 each (reg. $10.35)

$1.00 Off Selected Organic Spices!
From their 1928 Gold Medal-winning performance at the International Exposition in Paris through today,  Watkins  brings you the very best spices from around the world.  Sourced from the highest quality organic herbs and spices, this Organic Spice Line brings your cooking to life.

#31653 Chives  $7.00 (Reg. $8.00)

#31619 Basil $7.65 (reg. $8.65)
Onion Minced--NEW!  $7.65 (reg. $8.65)
Parsley  $7.65 (reg. $8.65)

#31608 Garlic Powder  $8.20 (reg. $9.20)
Ground Ginger  $8.20 (reg. $9.20)

#31639 Black Peppercorns  $8.80 (reg. $9.80)
Garlic, Minced--NEW!  $8.80 (reg. $9.80)

#31643 Whole Cloves  $9.90 (reg. $10.90)

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