Cucumber & Dill Gourmet
Snack & Dip Seasoning
Create crowd-pleasing dips, spreads, cheese balls, and more with our versatile Gourmet Snack & Dip Seasoning. Just mix with regular or low-fat sour cream, pureed cottage cheese, plain yogourt or cream cheese to make a variety of tasty snacks.  #32055 (110 g) $13.75  Special $11.75

Guacamole Snack & Dip Seasoning
Made with lime juice, garlic powder and other natural spices to create a creamy dip your taste buds can't refuse.  Easy to prepare, mash 2 avocados and mix in dip as directed on the label.  Serve with chips and enjoy.  #36700 Guacamole Snack & Dip Seasoning (3.88 oz/110 g) $13.75
Special $11.75
Salsa Snack & Dip Seasoning
Made with minced onion, garlic powder and a hint of jalapeno pepper it adds just the right amount of heat to excite your palate.  Prepare with your own fresh vegetables or use canned diced tomatoes for a quick, easy and delicious salsa.  #36701 Salsa Snack & Dip Seasoning  (3.88 oz/110 g) $13.75  Special $11.75

$2.00 Off Soup and Gravy Bases
Whip up delicious stocks, gravies and sauces without hassle.  Real beef, chicken, and other wholesome ingredients provide homemade flavour without expensive canned soups and overly-salty bouillon cubes.  $11.25 each (reg. $13.25)

$1.75 Off Pain Relieving Liniment Spray
For decades, a group of ultra-popular Watkins products was affectionately known as the "Super Seven*."  But this spray is so popular that it transformed that group into the "Excellent Eight."  The natural pain-relieving properties of camphor are blended with the penetrating power of menthol to create a convenient, fast-acting spray that is 96% natural.  Sore muscles and arthritis pain have met their match! (4 oz/118.3 mL)  $11.00 each (reg. $12.75) #32350 Pain Relieving Liniment Spray
• Plus GST/HST
* In case you're curious, the Super Seven were Original Double-Strength Baking Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper, Petro Carbo Salve, Medicated Ointment, Watkins Red Liniment, and White Cream Liniment… all of which are still available.

$1.75 Off Medicated Ointment -- Buy 2 for $22
This cooling product helps relieve the congested feeling of a chest cold and suppresses the accompanying cough. The rub also provides temporary relief of arthritic and rheumatic pain, backache, sprains, lumbago, and bruises. (4.13 oz/117 g)  $11.00 each (reg. $12.75) • Plus GST/HST
Medicated Ointment

$2 Off Rejuvenating Foot Cream
Revive dry, aching feet with tingling peppermint oil.  This 98% natural foot care cream exfoliates and moisturizes dry, rough skin while providing a burst of aromatic peppermint.  Awarded Best Foot Cream in the 2009 "Beauty With A Conscience" Awards! (11 oz/325 ml)  $10.65 each (reg. $12.65) • Plus GST/HST
Rejuvenating Foot Cream

$2 Off Foot Repair Salve
Get intense relief for callused feet!  This specially blended salve is 99% natural.  Soothing peppermint and restorative oils stand up to tough skin on your heels and toes. (2.1 oz/59 g)  $10.65 each  • Plus GST/HST
(reg. $12.65)  #20480 Foot Repair Salve

2.00 Off Daily Moisturizing Body Washes!
Gentle plant-based cleaners and skin conditioners cleanse skin without stripping away natural moisture. Leaves all skin types fresh, hydrated, and healthy looking. (18 fl. oz./532 mL)  $9.50 each (reg. $11.50)  • Plus GST/HST
Aloe & Green Tea
#20609 Coconut Milk & Honey
Coriander & Cedar
#20612 Lavender
Lemon Cream

$1.65 Off each Hand & Body Lotion -- Buy 2 for $22
Keep your body's delicate skin soft with our Hand & Body Lotion.  This rich, every-day formula contains ten essential oils and plant-derived extracts to give your skin deep, long-lasting moisture. A combination of shea and cocoa butters softens skin in the driest of conditions, leaving it naturally smooth and nourished. (11 oz/325 ml)
$11.00 each (regularly $12.65) • Plus GST/HST
Aloe & Green Tea               #20510 Coconut Milk & Honey     
          #20442 Grapefruit                            #20486 Lavender                   
          #20487 Lemon Cream                     #20554 Pomegranate & Acai

Foaming Hand Soaps -- Buy 2 for $12
The moisturizing foam in our premium hand soaps gently cleanses the skin, while our signature fragrances leave hands smelling fresh. (9 fl oz/266 mL)
$6.00 each (reg. $6.90)
Aloe & Green Tea
#20622 Grapefruit
#20627 Lavender
#20628 Ocean Breeze -- NEW!
#20629 Vanilla Mint -- NEW!                  • Plus GST/HST

Liquid Dish Soaps
Natural, earth-friendly formulas are tough on grease but easy on your hands, your home and the environment. Watkins Natural Liquid Dish Soaps are free of phosphates, dyes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Cocamide DEA. (24 fl oz/710 mL)  $6.95• each  Special Buy 2 for $12.00 or 3 for $18.00
36771 Aloe & Green Tea    36778 Grapefruit     36773 Lavender     36772 Lemon     36774 Orange Citrus