$1.20 Off of Premium-Grade Black Pepper (Select Sizes)
Watkins selects only the finest sources of premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content.  Experience the Gold Medal-winning taste of the most flavourful pepper on the market.
$13.80 each (regularly $15.00)
Black Pepper (6 oz/170 g)
$8.05 each (regularly $9.25)
Black Pepper (4 oz/113 g)

Stay Warm with a Hot Cup of Watkins Soup!
Whip up delicious stocks, gravies and sauces without hassle.  Real beef, chicken, and other wholesome ingredients provide homemade flavour without expensive canned soups and overly-salty bouillon cubes.   (reg. $14.95 each)
Special $13.80 each
#31175 Beef

Save $1.25 on Crushed Red Pepper
Watkins Crushed Red Pepper in the timeless, vintage tin is filled with the same quality, all-natural spice you expect from Watkins.  The three-door closure makes for perfect dispensing every time, whether you are measuring for your favorite recipe or just adding a dash of flavour to your dish. (4.2 oz/120 g)    (reg. $10.50)
Special $9.25 each  #60633 Red Pepper

New and $1.15 Off!  Natural Food Colouring:
Make Your Someone a Special Valentine's Treat
Get ready to tackle those big baking projects!  Derived from natural ingredients, our food colouring is free from artificial FD&C colours.  Other dye-free products can involve fussy powders you need to mix, but our colours are easy-to-use liquids.  Simply add drops of colour to brighten up frostings, cakes and more.  Gluten Free. (Four bottles of 8.9 mL each in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue) (reg. $12.65)
Special $11.50 each
#30350 Assorted Natural Food Colouring

Coming Soon!    NEW! ORGANIC SPICES!

From our 1928 Gold Medal-winning performance at the International Exposition in Paris through today, The Watkins Co. brings you the very best spices from around the world. We continue our tradition of excellence with the launch of our New Organic Spice Line. Sourced from the highest quality organic herbs and spices, our New Organic Spice Line brings your cooking to life. 

      #31602 Ground Black Pepper (80 g) $8.00               #31608 Garlic Powder (90 g) $8.65
      #31603 Chili Powder (85 g) $7.50                             #31610 Onion Powder (82 g) $7.50

      #31604 Cilantro Leaves (18 g) $7.50                        #31613 Parsley Flakes (17 g) $8.00
      #31605 Ground Cinnamon (71 g) 7.50                     #31614 Crushed Red Pepper (48 g) $7.50

                                            Organic Blends  $8.65 each
                                            #31616 Lemon Pepper Blend (104 g)
                                            #31618 Seafood & Poultry Seasoning (108 g)
                                            #31617 Steak Seasoning (111 g)

Organic Curry Powder, Organic Dill Weed, Organic Garlic Salt, Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Black Peppercorn Grinder, Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder, Organic Garlic Salt Grinder, Organic Garlic Peppercorn Grinder, Organic Seasonings with Salt, Organic All Purpose Seasoning Salt-Free, Organic Italian Seasoning, PLUS Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, Organic Almond Extract, Organic Pure Lemon Extract.